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Do you know the disciplines in warehouse equipment management?

Issuing time:2018-11-09 14:26

1. The operator shall be responsible for the management of the equipment used by himself, and shall not be used by the non-operator of the machine; the equipment structure shall not be arbitrarily changed, and the accessories, parts, tools and technical materials of the equipment shall be kept clean and shall not be lost; When you start, you are not allowed to leave the post. If you have something, you must stop and close the switch.

2. Strictly abide by the operation and maintenance procedures of the equipment, not overloaded, not used in rough machine, large machine, small use, no disease operation, good handover and related records.

3. Familiar with the structure and operation principle of the equipment, do the daily maintenance of the equipment and the first and second level maintenance, and cooperate with the maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance and participate in the acceptance.

4. Familiar with the structure, performance and working principle of the equipment, master the operating procedures, use the equipment correctly and reasonably, and take emergency measures in case of an accident.

5. Learn and implement equipment maintenance and lubrication requirements, master the first and second level maintenance contents and standards, and keep the equipment and surrounding environment clean.

6. Before the equipment is started, it will check whether the operating mechanism and safety limit are sensitive and reliable. The lubrication of each sliding surface is good. The technical status of each part of the equipment can be checked and judged according to the contents of the inspection. After the equipment is turned on, it will check whether the operation is normal. And can judge the abnormal situation of the equipment and the hidden troubles.

7. By checking the operation status of the equipment such as sound, temperature and pressure, it is possible to judge the fault location and cause, take timely measures to prevent the fault from expanding, and complete the general adjustment and simple troubleshooting.

8. Parts and safety guards are complete and complete, and tools, workpieces and accessories are placed neatly.

9. The interior should be cleaned without dirt, oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage and leakage, and the surrounding environment should be cleaned.

10. Refueling and oil change on time, the oil quality meets the requirements, and the oil passage is guaranteed.

11. The operator is familiar with the structure of the equipment, rational use, careful maintenance, and monitoring of irregularities to ensure no accidents.

12. Set the person to set the machine, use the operation permit, and follow the safe operating procedures.

13. Always keep the equipment clean and tidy, and refuel according to the regulations to ensure reasonable lubrication.

14. Obey the equipment handover system

15. Manage equipment accessories and tools and do not lose them.

16. If you find an abnormality, immediately stop the inspection, and you cannot solve the problem yourself, and notify the relevant personnel in time.



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