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How to improve the efficiency of warehousing operations through storage shelves?

Issuing time:2018-11-09 15:36

1, Don't go back

Whether it is for the order shipment or the supplier to come, it must be guaranteed that the goods are executed on the same line.

2, Rack guidance road

The shelves are custom-made according to the size of the site and the SKU box specifications, covering the pillars and the down pipe. The principle of ensuring no pillar exposure on the shelf channel.

The shelves are arranged in the vertical order of the brand. The new shelves are listed in front of the storage shelves, followed by the best-selling shelves. The flat shelves are listed, and the farthest is the slow-moving shelves. The principle of ensuring the shortest distance to stack products with higher turnover. The products with the highest turnover are directly copied into the warehouse, and the sellers of the finished goods are delivered from the supplier.

3, The speed is supreme

E-commerce is faced with retail investors, the speed and accuracy of strict demand, one of our million mistakes, is a 100% mistake for customers. It is unrealistic to rely on the control of the process nodes and the ideological education of the people to achieve strict demands on speed and accuracy. Therefore, the basic investment in logistics equipment is an important detail of warehouse shelf planning. It is temporary investment, and planning for the warehouse should also be long-term planning. Because the planning of the warehouse pattern determines the optimal capacity and the best speed. Such as: mobile SKU boxes, fire facilities, monitoring equipment, collector networks, pallet machinery, etc.

4, Planning the mode details

Detailed planning of warehouse equipment. E-commerce logistics facing the market is a war that cannot see the smoke. We are fighting against inventory, and we are also fighting the distribution turnover rate and delay rate. I don't know how your friends manage the details of lost and delayed errors. I made a monthly turnover rate and delay rate kanban, taking the turnover rate and delay rate as the team's operational goals.

First, storage shelf placement design points

The type of material on the shelf and the container for the material. The size requirements of the shelves are related to the materials or containers carried, and the dimensions can be customized. However, it is best for the shelf supplier to give the size of the initiative. On the one hand, it is relatively professional, on the other hand, it is assumed that the problem is presented and the part can be shared. obligation.

Shelf handling equipment. At present, can you have a shelf-mounted device, assuming that there is a need to think about the reverse radius of the device, the width of the device and other factors.

The level of load on the ground of the warehouse itself is obtained from the contractor. Especially heavy-duty shelves should pay special attention.

Store the way in and out of the material and the storage time. There are various types of materials that can be stored in different time in the warehouse. This requires thinking about the way in and out of the warehouse or the way to store them, in order to find a truly suitable storage shelf that can reach a higher space application rate.

Second, storage shelf placement skills

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