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Shenzhen Yongli Storage Equipment Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of storage racking equipment,they specialized in planning, design, production, installation and service. The factory has excellent and precise new cold-rolled plate automatic rolling cutting line, professional pre-treatment powder spraying system, steel belt automatic continuous punching machine, automatic pre-treatment equipment, spraying line. In terms of technology, we introduce professional production technology processes from Japan and Taiwan. The molds are professional equipment and first-class technology developed by Taiwan's first warehouse company engineers to help you solve all problems related to warehousing and logistics. YongLi company according to the customer warehouse storage, product specifications, load-bearing requirements, handling equipment for customeized planning and design,production and installation,the company's main products are: light duty racking, medium and heavy duty racking, platform structure rack and mezzanine floor racking,logistics trolley, workbench and other warehouse shelves, all products of the company have beautiful craftsmanship, stable and durable, detachable and adjustable, and can enhance warehouse management efficiency and increase storage capacity,convenient material circulation. YongLi adheres to the core values of "Always improve quality,Always love what you do", constantly pursues product development and application, and has limited space to display unlimited warehousing. At the same time, it improves management efficiency, saves gambling time and compresses management costs. Our products are used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, archives, aviation, docks, railways, automobiles, etc.

Yongli Warehousing will provide you with satisfactory service with technology, craftsmanship, high quality and excellent reputation.

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